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Trends in contemporary international tourism
Leisure and travel around the world constantly gaining momentum. In every city of any country there are dozens of travel companies that offer tours to people anywhere in the world . The modern tourist industry at the current stage of its development can offer holidaymakers almost everything that they can only wish for. Leading travel operators offer both standard inexpensive tours to popular beach resorts in the world , and exclusive products for people with large financial capabilities and unconventional preferences.
Enough to read articles about travel to understand - modern tourists indulge in anything. Due to the developed recreation and travel tourists have the opportunity to be in all parts of the world , to see the most unique attractions , look at the world from the top of snow-capped mountains , down into the underground cave with a long history and great scientific value , to visit various museums and stuff. With sufficient financial capabilities today can even make the trip to the Far North , Northern Lights , being quiet for your own safety, and living in a comfortable environment. Leading tour operators are making every effort to ensure that even customers with special needs were more than happy with their rides. To do this, intermediaries between tourists and resorts are studying in detail the route, stop and think through the point of visiting local attractions insure tourists and provide them with complete safety and comfort.
At the present stage of development of world tourism industry is very clearly stands division of tourism in several different directions in their subjects . Thus, during the evolution of tourist needs arose photo-tourism destination , the essence of which is to visit different cities and countries and to capture all the fun on camera . This kind of vacation and travel today is a great success , especially among people who want to become professional photographers and collect material for his first exhibition of works . Another fashion trend is the so-called green tourism, ie travel to natural areas with pristine habitat , clean environment and minimal presence benefits of modern civilization. Typically , green guide tourists to the mountains , where they wait cozy rural houses and farms with horses and other animals . Here you can go hiking , horseback riding to make walking on hunting and fishing, rafting and other extreme sports. It should be noted that the breadth of the spectrum of possibilities depends on the destinations .
For our time is characterized by the growing popularity of independent travel with a simultaneous decline in demand for organized tours . More and more tourists prefer to travel the world on their cars without spending money on airfare and dorogushchie tours tour operators. Road trips are a lot of advantages . For example, tourists can move freely between cities and countries , building a route of the motion along the way, and if necessary, change it instantly , flexibly adapting to the list of places that I would like to visit. Independent travel by car, of course, requires registration of an international driver's license , however , and it can not overshadow all the advantages of this method of dating with other cities and countries. Traveling by car - this is a complete freedom of action and unlimited scope for choice places to visit and recreation programs at all.
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